Server4world's network has been engineered from the ground up to accommodate the high-availability demands of our customers. Redundant divergent path Fiber-Optic connections to carriers including Savvis, BTN, Cogent and Level(3) among others ensures the fastest and most reliable network. Server4world peers with over 200 peers and multiple tier 1 transit providres, the routes are analyzed and optimized to meet client latency and jitter requirements. Server4world connects directly with large and small ISP's around the globe including Japan telecom, Singtel, China telecom, China Unicom, Nordunet, PacNet, Etisalat, Hutchison, google, Amazon over 200 in total.

• BGP4 best-path routing

• Multi-layer network design

• Customized routing policies for customers

• Carrier fault-tolerance

• Automatic detection and re-routing

• Multi-Ten Gigabit Connectivity

Service Network Map

network infrastructure includes one of the largest and most robust virtual private network (VPN) platforms in the world, with over 20,000 fully managed customer end points built on a private and secured global backbone. Tier 1 OC-192 Internet backbone.

Cogent Network Map

Cogent's end-to-end optical network consists of multiple metropolitan IP-over-WDM fiber rings located in Cogent's major markets throughout the United States and Europe. Cogent currently has a presence in over 85 markets throughout North America and Europe. Cogent's network provides each building or data center with up to 5 Gbit/s of dedicated bandwidth. Layer 3 edge routers in each building are connected to Cisco Layer 3 Terabit core routers over two diverse optical paths. These core routers are tied together via an international backbone network consisting of multiple 10 Gbit/s DWDM optical links. With a currently implemented capacity of 80 Gbit/s in the United States and 40 Gbit/s in Europe, Cogent's international IP network is the largest in the world and is scalable to a total capacity of over one Terabit.

Level(3) Network Map

Cogent's end-to-end opticaLevel(3) is one of the world's largest and most reliable carriers. Nine out of ten of the world's largest telecom carriers use Level(3) services, as do five of the top six U.S. Internet Service Providers, and nine out of ten of the largest European telecom carriers. The company operates a 22,500 mile broadband fiber optic network in 72 US markets and 20 European markets. The Level 3 Network today (upgrade completed 2001) operates as one of the world's newest and most advanced telecommunications platforms.

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