Datacenter Infrastructure

Server4world Datacenters offer complete redundancy in power, HVAC, Pre-Action, fire suppression (FM-200), network connectivity and security, incorporating raised flooring (DC1 & DC2), dual power grids, UPS battery backup power and diesel generators.

Server4world Datacenters are continuously monitored via video surveillance cameras and 24 hour on-site security personnel. With use of sophisticated two-tier access control systems. elevators as well as the Datacenters individually is restricted and controlled via HID contact-less access control system (floor access and DC1 and DC2) and Biometric access control systems (DC4). Being the only teant on the 4th floor limits access to the entire floor provides additional security.


DC1 and DC2 employ 2(N+1) Design, power is provided via two active feeds from two power busses which are connected to separate and independent Diesel Generators and finally backed up by two redundant UPS systems. In addition to the most fault tolerant system in both datacenters, Datacenter 1 (Suite 405) also has an additional power source with its own UPS backup system providing divergent power supply. Our other data centers utilize N+1 redundancy which backs up ctritical load with Generator and UPS battery power in case of utility power loss.


Both datacenters DC1 and DC2 employ redundant set of 11 HVAC systems which are controlled by an automated software. One set of the HVAC units (Primary Set) utilizes building chilled water and the other set (Secondary Set) utilizes dedicated chillers which are on the side of the building and are independent of buildings chilled water supply. DC4 our newest data center to go online offers new Libert CW cooling systems. Four 20TON units and 2 10TON units cool this data center combined with hot air exhust. Stackable chiller dedicated to this suite is able to benefit from building Primary chilled water if required for additonal reliablity.

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