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Server4worlds started in 2009 with MSK System a focused approach to serve the IP based communication industry. A Dedicated server provider and Telecommunication & Software Solution provider, Server4worlds has a wide assortment of products, ranging from backbone infrastructure to peripheral products, including middleware.The company today holds a leadership position in Server rent, Softswitch & Billing solutions.
Managed Services provide clients with a complete and low cost solution to the complex world of network management, Server4world's Managed Services is the only one of its kind with the clients corporate interest in mind and fully branded.

Processes such as IP acquisitions, equipment,service and client contacts are performed with the clients Corporate name and are maintained under the clients ownership. Increasing capabilities and reliability of services offered by clients at a fraction of the cost makes Server4world's Managed Services ideal for small to mid-size providers.

Server4world can provide you with all the resources and services required to ensure your success, contact us for more information on how we can increase quality of services at an attractive bottom line with Complete and Effective Solutions Custom Designed to deliver maximum results from your budget.

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